Not an Eye

Posted on January 31, 2020 by Robert Djubek
a vaguely eye and/or vulva shaped abstract art piece that may resemble a red blood cell

I wanted to paint but I had no idea what I was going to paint or how. My method was “Apply paint to canvas in whatever way you can” and, well, this is what I got. At one point it looked like a Dixie Cup. There’s a secret painting underneath in bright magenta with sparkles that is not at all visible anymore. I used acrylic paints and brushes and sponges and airbrush.

In the style of Clarke & Dawe (Watch this first; Clarke is the politician, Dawe the reporter)

clarke: it’s not an eye!

dawe: well if it’s not an eye then what is it?

clarke: well it’s not an eye and it’s certainly not a vulva

dawe: it’s not a what?

clarke: a vulva, but it’s not a vulva. you do know what a vulva is?

dawe: yes of course i know what a vulva is

clarke: well have you seen one? it looks nothing like a vulva

dawe: flustered i know what a vulva looks like

clarke: then you can clearly see it’s not an eye and it’s not a vulva

dawe: well we’re out of time

clarke: muttering it’s not an eye

It’s a red blood cell, obviously.