Mostly Absurd #

Site generated using a hakyll program I hacked together after a few tries over a few months. Hosted on Github Pages. I intend it to always be reachable (or for as long as GitHub Pages is around) at mostlyabsurd.github.io. You know, in case I get hit by a bus and my domains expire. Currently mostlyabsurd.com and myfriendshate.me (for reasons that amuse me) act as a reverse proxy using Nginx on a NixOS droplet hosted on DigitalOcean. I may add more domains I own or make myfriendshate.me a different site if I ever figure out something to use it for other than my amusement (for which the reasons will remain secret).

Robert Djubek #

First off, I think I’m hilarious. I’m the funniest person I know. Other people don’t always agree, which is unfortunate. People who understand the significance of “my friends hate me” and “mostly absurd” probably know me quite well. I don’t expect most people will get it. Oh well. I’m extremely deadpan and sarcastic which frequently gets me into trouble and/or seem like an idiot. Which, fair, I frequently am.

“I’m not a native English speaker; I’m American! I write English but I speak robbish.” – Me

I like to build things, fix things, design things, make art, read books, write software, do origami, practice wood working, metal working, welding, photography, and fishing, etc. Too many hobbies to list all of them. Lots of creatives. I may write about them at times. I studied engineering and computer science, have an interest in psychology, I’ve worked professionaly as a software developer for a number of years, currently I am a struggling artist and I program for fun because apparently I’m a masochist.